Blood Bank

  • All services of blood bank is available free of cost to GCS Hospital patients.
  • Blood bank is furnished with high quality equipments from various national and international companies.
  • Day to Day quality control is maintained by fully trained and qualified blood bank technicians in supervision of pathologists.
  • Diagnostic tests of blood (Grouping with Du test, Cross match, Direct Coomb's test and Indirect coomb's test) are provided to outdoor and indoor      patients.
  • Entire products are screened by ELISA method to prevent Transfusion Transmitted Infection to provide safe blood to patients.
  • GCS Hospital is having FDA approved licensed, fully computerized blood bank to serve patients of multidisciplinary departments with
         special care of cancer and superspeciality patients.
  • We encourage voluntary donation in house and by organizing outdoor camps. For outdoor camps we have fully equipped mobile blood donation      van.
  • We execute 100% blood component separation by CRYOFUGE 5500i (HERAEUS):
    • Cryo Poor Plasma (CPP)
    • Cryoprecipitate
    • Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
    • Pack cell volume (PCV)
    • Platelet Rich Concentrate( PRC)